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June’s Daily Word Challenge List

June Daily Word List


The News is Out!

The news is out!  My son’s family is expecting a new addition.  They’ve been waiting to tell his five year old daughter until mommy and baby were safely through the first trimester.  I think they thought it would be easy to hide but my granddaughter is very bright and they’d gotten to the point that it was not going to be hidden much longer.  So a little over a week ago they shared the news.

My son said it worked out so perfectly.  On Friday evening his daughter called a family meeting so they could discuss their plans for the weekend!  They do this all the time but I think it was the first time she called the meeting!  So the next morning daddy called a family meeting because they had big news to share.  She was so excited but a little doubtful at first.  She said, “Are you sure?  Oh yes, they said, we’ve gone to the doctor and it’s for sure.  They showed her the sonogram picture and let her hear the babies heartbeat they’d recorded.  Her eyes were big as saucers.  Then she said, “But mommies get really big tummies and your tummy isn’t really big!”  So daddy said show her your baby bump.  Then she knew, for sure, we’re having a baby.  She was five going on twenty five.  She sort of took over the meeting and started ticking off her mental list.  It went something like this:

1. We’re all going to have more responsibilities and we’ll all have to pitch in and help.

2. What are we going to name it?  She had some great suggestions but daddy nixed “Fred”.  He said, “We are not naming the baby after the turtle!”

3. She realized it worked out great that they’d just moved into a bigger house with an extra bedroom but where will the baby sleep?  She still sleeps with them so she said it’s going to be very crowded in our bed!  They told her at first the baby will sleep in a bassinet.  So they discussed what a bassinet is and that it would be beside the bed.  Then she had a wonderful five year old idea!  She said mommy and baby can sleep in my bed because I don’t ever use it, lol!

4. Then she thought about the fact that she’s going to be a big sister.  Wow! That’s wonderful news and she’ll be the best big sister ever.

It was about then that Daddy realized his daughter was totally focused on Bee with all the girly things to discuss.  He said, “I have some errands so I’ll leave you ladies to discuss all your plans”.  It was a wonderful, exciting day with many more to come.  Here’s a self portrait at about three months, flash in mirror and all.

Baby Bump

You’re Number 1 at MemoryMixer

Isn’t it great when the stars line up and everything falls into place?  This weekend I submitted an article to DigiScrappingDivas about the importance of providing excellent customer service.  You can read the entire article here.  It’s about businesses that fail to recognize their biggest asset, their customers.  Within hours I had the opportunity to witness the flip side, excellent customer service.  Here’s what happened.

I received a message on my Facebook page from a lady that had used my link  to purchase MemoryMixer v4 software and save $10.  She did everything right.  She had gotten the confirming email with the product key and was excited to download the software and get started.  But the download was not available.  That’s not the good part!  She contacted me and I tried to help her by suggesting a few things to try on her computer, sending some emails and reassuring her that we’ll get it figured out.  I’m not an employee of MemoryMixer so my powers are limited.  She also reached out on another Facebook page for fans of the software.  Thankfully this is a company that uses their page to reach out and support their customers.  Nicole, an employee at MemoryMixer, came to the rescue.  She identified the problem and resolved it right away.  In addition, I received a email reply from another helpful employee, Kristan.  I think this is extra-impressive since it’s a holiday weekend.  It’s a win/win/win!  Thank you MemoryMixer for providing excellent customer service!

If you would like to try MemoryMixer and save $10 instantly click the image below.

Try MemoryMixer Now

Stacked Papers Are Fantastic!

I love stacked papers.  This is one of my all time favorite layout designs.  I love to make them and I especially love it when someone else makes them and saves me a lot of work.  Here is an example using a pre-made stacked paper.

Big Brothers

This stacked paper is gorgeous and I could have used it as is and it would have looked great.  But, since I have the Spring Comes Softly kit too, I decided to add a few elements myself.  First I added the picture & frame.  Since the frame has a unique shape the photo wouldn’t completely fill it.  I thought tilting it would give the best appearance while drawing attention to the focal point.  I made the journal tag which I wanted to place on the cluster but tucked under the roses.  Since the roses were part of the stacked paper, that wasn’t possible.  So I added the same rose cluster resized to cover the original.  I then added the flowers and roses on the frame and voila, easy peasy!    Here is a preview of the stacked paper set and you can see how gorgeous they all are.  And I’ve got good news for you!  Click on the preview and you can see more layouts made by me and Sharon Horswill using the stacked paper effect.  She’s got some great tips on making your own.   But that’s not all!  You can get this lovely set free until May 10th.  Yes, that’s right, free!  So click the preview now and happy scrapping!

Stacked Paper set

Here’s another hint.  Although I had the kit and could use some of the same elements on my layout, I have also used elements from other kits on pre-made stacked papers and quick pages.  The trick is to find elements with the same or coordinating colors and the same “feel” as the page you’re working on.  Then repeat the element(s) several times on the page.



iNSD Weekend Freebies & a New Kit

I love inter-National Scrapbooking Day Week!  The celebration keeps getting bigger and lasting longer and with good reason.  With all the fantastic freebies & other savings being offered it can take days to make the rounds. I definitely need the extra time.

Catherine at CatDesignz has just released a gorgeous new kit called Spring Comes Softly.   I love the papers aged look and the elements are gorgeous too.  One thing I’ve seen recently is lace mesh ribbon.  I absolutely love it so I was thrilled when I opened this kit and found lace mesh!   In keeping with the aged look I was going for, I used TXT Abrasion font for “then & now” and “family” is part of the wonderful word art included in the kit.  Here is my layout using Spring Comes Softly.   I hope it gives you an idea of how lovely this kit is.

Family Then and Now

Here is a preview of my portion of the hop.  Just click on the image to get this word art free now to May 10th.

Sing a Song of Spring WA

Here is a complete list of all of our teams blogs with freebies.  Visit them and get all the freebies & you’ll have a fantastic kit.





Yobeth  You are here

Digi Scrapping Divas


Then, as if that’s not enough, MyMemories is having a store-wide sale giving you 25% off and you can use this coupon code Catz25 for an additional 25% off anything in Catherine’s store.  The coupon code and store-wide sale are both good through May 6th!  What better time to pickup Spring Comes Softly! Then you’ll have a mega bundle with all the pieces.   Again the coupon code is Catz25 and clicking the image below will take you to this kit.  However, you can use the discount on anything in CatDesignz store.  It’s totally up to you.

Spring Comes Softly kit

So to sum it all up… Catz25 coupon code to use at MyMemories store good through May 6th.  It can be used for 25% off anything in CatDesignz store and can be combined with MyMemories store-wide sale.  The blog hop freebies are available to download until May 10th.