Stacked Papers Are Fantastic!

I love stacked papers.  This is one of my all time favorite layout designs.  I love to make them and I especially love it when someone else makes them and saves me a lot of work.  Here is an example using a pre-made stacked paper.

Big Brothers

This stacked paper is gorgeous and I could have used it as is and it would have looked great.  But, since I have the Spring Comes Softly kit too, I decided to add a few elements myself.  First I added the picture & frame.  Since the frame has a unique shape the photo wouldn’t completely fill it.  I thought tilting it would give the best appearance while drawing attention to the focal point.  I made the journal tag which I wanted to place on the cluster but tucked under the roses.  Since the roses were part of the stacked paper, that wasn’t possible.  So I added the same rose cluster resized to cover the original.  I then added the flowers and roses on the frame and voila, easy peasy!    Here is a preview of the stacked paper set and you can see how gorgeous they all are.  And I’ve got good news for you!  Click on the preview and you can see more layouts made by me and Sharon Horswill using the stacked paper effect.  She’s got some great tips on making your own.   But that’s not all!  You can get this lovely set free until May 10th.  Yes, that’s right, free!  So click the preview now and happy scrapping!

Stacked Paper set

Here’s another hint.  Although I had the kit and could use some of the same elements on my layout, I have also used elements from other kits on pre-made stacked papers and quick pages.  The trick is to find elements with the same or coordinating colors and the same “feel” as the page you’re working on.  Then repeat the element(s) several times on the page.




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