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Youngest and Oldest!

Today is my oldest granddaughter’s birthday, she is 22 now.  Wow!  Friday was my youngest granddaughter’s birthday, she is 5.    It’s hard to believe so much time has passed.  They do grow up so quickly!  They are both gorgeous and I love them very much.

Youngest Granddaughter Oldest Granddaughter


Oh Happy Day!

Daddy's Little Sue Chef

Here’s a page I made of my granddaughter. She’s taken a big interest in cooking so daddy got her an apron.  Today is her birthday.  She is 5.  I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She thought about it a long time then told me an Ipad! It kills me how these little ones know how to operate all the new gadgets. Well I didn’t get her an Ipad but I did get her a Kindle Fire which I think she’ll like as well.  I Love you Mill! Have a Happy, Happy, Birthday and I’ll see you soon.

Kit:  Oooh La La Chocolate  Designer: Touched By A Butterfly

Oooh La La Photobook Preview

Oooh La La Photobook that I made using Oooh La La Chocolate designed by Celeste at Touched By A Butterfly is now live in store at  If you love rich chocolate you’ll love this 20 page photo book.  Here are 4 preview pages.  You can get this photobook here.

Oooh La La Chocolate Photobook Preview 1 Oooh La La Chocolate Photobook Preview 2

Oooh La La Chocolate Photobook Preview 3 Oooh La La Chocolate Photobook Preview 4

Fabulous Fall Photobook

Here’s a few preview pages from Fabulous Fall Photobook made using Touched By A Butterfly’s kit Fabulous Fall.  This 20 page photobook is live in store now and you can get it here


Debi’s Parrots Photobook

I’m so excited!  Debi’s Parrots Photobook is now live at  I made this photobook using Debi’s Parrots kit by Touched By A Butterfly.  I think the colors are amazing!  The photobook has 20 pages and you can get it here  Here are a few preview pages.

Price? or Priceless!

Today’s challenge word is “Price” but I chose to do a layout called “Priceless”.  On my 50th birthday, my hubby gave me the convertible sports car I had wanted since I was a teenager.  I love my Thunderbird and appreciate his thoughtfulness.  The kit I used is Summer Sunset by Kimeric Kreations.  I love, love, love this kit!

In My Fridge!

Here’s a page I made using a free template as a sketch.  Today’s word challenge on is In My Fridge plus the weekly challenge is to make a page using MJ-AJ Designs freebie Template #75.  So here’s my page….

DigiScrappingTips Challenge

And here is a link to MJAJ Designs page if you’d like to download and use Template #75


Zen Garden Photobook

I am so excited, my first photobook is now available at  I hope it is well received & welcome your feedback.  You can check it out here


Mozaic Garden

Celeste from Touched By A Butterfly made a kit just for me!  Yep, she asked what I would like and I thought I have never seen a kit with mozaic, which I love, so that is what I asked for.  Here is a page I made using Yobeth’s Mosaic Garden.  If you like this layout you can get the kit here

You, Now

Today’s challenge word is You, Now.  I was talking to my son last week and he was telling me my granddaughter has taken an interest in helping him cook.  He loves to cook, especially on the grill, and comes up with some fantastic recipes.  He and his cousin Clint have discovered they share this interest and they talk for hours bouncing ideas off each other.  They’re both so creative!  In July Clint made the first mac and cheese that I’ve ever liked!  Yes, that’s right, I do not like mac & cheese.  Well I like it if it has beef in it but I’m not sure that counts, lol!  Anyway, he actually smokes it on the grill and it is scrumptious.  My son took this picture for me of my granddaughter helping him take the chicken off the grill.  I’m sure it was yummy!