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Hallelujah, He is Risen!

Happy Easter


Quickpage Deal 1

Wow!  CatDesignz has put together an amazing deal-40 quickpages in one pack AND it’s on special until the end of the month!  So each one costs less that a dime!!! So head on over and pick up what may be the best deal around.  Go here to get 40 quickpages for $3.99 until March 31st.  Here’s a preview of this awesome set.

40 QuickPage Set 1 preview

A New Tutorial is Now Up!

Are you currently using MyMemories Suite to make you digital scrapbooks?  Are you interested in trying new things?  If you’re not already using it maybe you’re interested in seeing some of the things you can do!  I have a new tutorial I just completed about Making a Layout with Diagonal Papers using a Sketch.  You can find it here.

Fly Away Butterfly!

I made this layout using A Butterfly’s Touch by CatDesignz.  This gorgeous bundle is half price through the end of March.  Here’s the link to the reduced bundle for you

Fly Away Butterfly

New Venture!

I’m learning a new scrapbooking program.  Well it’s not a new program but it’s new to me!  I have friends that use Memory Mixer so I just had to give it a try.  In some ways it’s very similar to the program I’ve been using but in other ways it’s quite different.  This is the second page I’ve made with the new software so you can see it’s very easy to install and jump right in.  I’ll be practicing and getting to know the ins and outs so I can get some tutorials out soon.  Also keep your eyes open for some special offers right here for those of you that would like to give Memory Mixer a go.

Bottle Baby w/Memory Mixer

Credits:  Kit: Bella Grace by Just So Scrappy.  Font: Forte.

There’s More to Photo-Tiling Than Just Photos

I just posted a tutorial for a new feature of My Memories Suite v4.  It’s my favorite new feature and I’ve used it a lot.  I also like to do color-blocking in layouts and it finally occurred to me that I could probably use the photo tiling for color blocking as well.  After all there is technically no difference between a photo or a background paper.  So I’ve done a tutorial to show you how to do it too.  Please let me know if you find it beneficial.  You can also let me know if you have any questions.  Either way I hope to hear from you.  Click here to check out the tutorial.

I’ve also written a review of this feature at  If you’d like to read my brief review you’ll find it here.  Happy Scrapping!

The Eye is Never Satisfied

I recently wrote an article about some things to think about if you’re considering joining a designer’s creative team.  I just saw a link to that article on Facebook.  If you haven’t read it you can find it here.  The first sentence says, “When I first started digi-scrapping I couldn’t get enough kits to satisfy my desires.”, but that’s not entirely true.  I’ve been digi-scrapping for almost two years now and I’m still not satisfied!  Sad but true.  I’ve got umpteen gorgeous, gorgeous kits. When I browse through them I realize there are a lot that I haven’t even used yet and I obviously have no need to buy more for quite some time, if ever!  Then I get a newsletter with the new releases and I see a kit I want and the saga continues.  I also have a list on Facebook so I won’t miss any of my favorite designer’s realeases and freebies.  Ahhh, there in lies the problem.

When I commented about this to a friend she said, repeat after me, my name is Yobeth and I’m a scrap-aholic!  Yes, I’m like a junkie with all the best heroin lined up before me and I’m trying to resist the temptation!  Well you can imagine… It is not pretty.

I have had my eye on something I’d like to purchase.  Well, okay, yes, it’s another scrap booking program.  I’ve been putting it off.  First and foremost because I don’t need it.  BUT it does some neat stuff, so I want it.  Second because funds are a little tight right now.  Then it occurred to me I could afford to get the program if I quit buying kits for a month or two.  The kit I looked at today, that I really, really want, costs $19.52 on sale.  So if I resist two such kits, viola, I can get the program 🙂

Yes, I realize, this is scrap-aholic math, a phenomenon in which my husband thinks I’m particularly gifted.  On the other hand, I could unsubscribe to all designer newsletters and unlike their Facebook pages and probably save a lot of grief and money.  Hmmm, I think I’d need a 12 step program for that!

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Split Backgrounds

I love splitting background papers for a different look.  I guess since I use it quite frequently it’s not really different for me.  I’ve included an example below.  If you’d like to read the entire blog post you can find it here.   The kit is Etc. By Danyale’s Christmas Magic.


Celebrate Life

Today’s word challenge at is Celebrate.  I love this picture.  Not because it’s the most flattering or best angle, I love it because we’re laughing and loving our time together.  I love my granddaughters expression and the way she’s hugging on me.  I used CatDesignz kit Seraphina again.  It’s on special so there’s no better time to grab it.  You’ll find it here.  While you’re there check out the other great things in her store.

Celebrate Life