Daily Archives: March 15th, 2012

Disney Bucket List

I always wanted to go to Disney Land but when I was growing up when we took vacations we always went to visit relatives.  We never took a family vacation, anywhere, just to have fun!  So in October 2010 my husband & I had the opportunity to go to Orlando, FL on business.  We only had one day to go to Disney so I looked online at the attractions & decided what I thought we’d enjoy.  I made our bucket list & we ticked off every wish.  I can assure you it is the ONLY way I’d ever go “hang gliding”.  We had so much fun!


Family Time!

I had a wonderful weekend with my son & grand daughter. She is fun, funny, sweet, adorable, I could go on and on. Saturday morning she rode her scooter, caught a lady bug, a caterpillar, watered her plants, and we played. Priceless!